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Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach - Vieques, Puerto Rico

You don’t have to fly all the way over to Hawaii to appreciate and experience what it feels to sink your toes on black sand, the island of Vieques was blessed with black sand beaches too.  Areas on the island like Monte Pirata are volcanic and some of this amazing volcanic material is washed down through a quebrada (stream) during heavy rains which ends up at this beach on the island.  You’ll see a little black sand on other beaches around the island such as Playa Cofi on the north coast and Punta Arenas Beach on the far west end of the island but not as much as you see here at Playa Negra.

When you arrive to Playa Negrita (Negra) you will see traces of black sand which is really beautiful.  Contrasting shades of deep golden sand with dark black sand being touched by foamy white waters is quite a sight for sand lovers.

Black Sand Beach / Playa Negra - Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Keep walking to the right and the concentration of black sand is greater and more striking.

Playa Negra - Black Sand Beach - Vieques, Puerto Rico

Behind you are beautiful golden colored cliffs with ridges carved by nature alone.

Cliffs on the shores of Playa Negra in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Bring your camera, this beach offers some very dramatic landscapes.  You’ll find beautifully shaped drift wood, rock cliffs, desert like bushes covering the cliff wall behind you, all contrasting against deep black and golden sands, turquoise waters and foamy white water washing onshore… Simply Magnificent…

Visitors are enchanted by this beach, Playa Negra is definately a must visit during your stay in Vieques.  Recently the Victoria’s Secret Angels filmed the Victoria’s Secret Swim Special and Playa Negra was one of the locations.  It’s worth the walk, don’t miss it.

Dramatic landscape of Playa Negra in Vieques, Puerto Rico

Sit on a rock, and dig your feet on the soft glimmering black sand.  Vieques has a way of forcing people to slow down and learn to enjoy the simple but richer things in life.

Sit against the cliff wall, let the water caress your body and your feet dig into the soft powdery black sand. Enjoy the views, enjoy life in Vieques.

Many locals did not even know there was black sand in Vieques and some that knew did not have a name for it so we named it Playa Negrita (Little Black Beach) back in 2004.  Now the beach is called “Playa Negra” or in English “Black Sand Beach”.   This beach was truly a secret beach but after posting it on, this is the beach that many visitors want to go see when vacationing in Vieques.  We hope you enjoy your visit.





 Directions to Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach in  Vieques, Puerto Rico

You can access Playa Negra in two ways.

Option #1 – The Long Way – You can start your walk from Esperanza Beach or Playa Grande, it’s a long walk but well worth it and very scenic. On high tide the walk is harder, do at your own risk, there are no lifeguards around so practice common sense. If something does not feel safe to do, then don’t do it.

If you decide to make the walk, be sure to wear Non-Slip Beach Sandals / Shoes.  Again during high tide, you will have to walk your way around beautiful rock formations.  The bottom of some of the beaches on the way there are rocky and can get slippery so please walk with care. No special hiking skills are necessary, individuals with average physical ability will have no problems getting there.

Option #2 –  Easier and Short Route – If you’re driving from Esperanza head west on Rt. 996. At the end of the road, make a left towards La Hueca on Rt. 201. Follow the road, watch for Kilometer sign 7.0.  Right before you Gallery Galleon you’ll see a little dirt road leading to Playa Negra.   There’s enough space for about 2 cars right at the entry.  The dirt road leading to Playa Negra is actually a quebrada (stream), in rain season or during times of rain, there will be water on the way and you’ll have to walk around the sides, so be sure to wear adequate foot wear.  See picture below for spotting the entrance.

Directions to Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach - Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Map of Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach, Vieques, PR

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Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico 18.095873, -65.491154 (Directions)

Have fun exploring the endless beauty of the island of Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico.  Explore more beaches below


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