Vieques Travel Guide - FAQ's

Names used for Isla de Vieques

The proper full name is Isla de Vieques.  Isla de Vieques is also referred to as one of the Spanish Virgin Islands, the sister island being Isla de Culebra, also a municipality of Puerto Rico.

Bieke – used by Native Indians.

Isla Nena – translates to “Little Girl Island”

How do I get from San Juan to Ceiba / Ferry Terminal?

Click here for detailed info on getting from San Juan to Fajardo / Ceiba.

What is the most economical way to get from San Juan to Isla de Vieques?

We have listed your options from least to most expensive.  For more detailed info, visit our Getting to Vieques guide

    1. Ferry
    2. Flight from Ceiba Airport
    3. Flight from Isla Grande Airport
    4. Flight from San Juan International

Are there any nude beaches on the island?

There are no nude beaches, if you are caught by an officer you may be fined.

What is the most convenient way of getting to Vieques?

Unless you’re on a budget, we highly recommend flying, it’s not only much more convenient but the ride itself is like an activity you would pay for regardless if you’re flying into Vieques, it’s a very scenic flight.

If the ferry is not running, what other option do we have?

You may take a very short flight to Vieques from the Ceiba Airport.

Do we really need to rent a car in Vieques?

Yes and no.

  • The Yes part. The island is very small, so you can technically see the island by scooter or by using the public transportation system.
  • The No part. The best beaches are not easily accessible unless you rent a car / jeep. Public transportation will not go to the more secluded beaches, which are the most beautiful ones. Driving around is actually a wonderful experience, it gives you much freedom to explore every little corner of the island. The island is small but it offers much to discover.

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