Low Season – mid-April through May and mid-August through mid-November.

Accommodations and airfare rates are less during low season.  You will get more value for your money by visiting Vieques from mid-April to mid-November.  Just be cautious of hurricane-prone months.

Mid High – June & July

Residents of Puerto Rico love beach vacations in the month of July.  There are a number of holidays in Puerto Rico during the month of July, the islands of Vieques and Culebra get a lot of visitors who take the ferry.  Book Vieques hotel or vacation rental early if you’re planning on visiting in July, and get to the ferry terminal hours before your desired departure time so you can secure your tickets.

High Season – mid-November through mid-April

Most travelers seeking an escape from the cold head to Vieques for fun and relaxation under the sun.  Christmas holidays and Easter week are the hottest weeks, you’ll pay the highest rates and these weeks book far in advance.

Weather – Vieques offers great temperatures all year round. Unfortunately, there’s hurricane and rain season.  If you plan on traveling during hurricane season, we recommend you purchase travel insurance for peace of mind.  More about Vieques weather, rain and hurricane seasons