Puerto Rico’s official languages are both Spanish and English, however the preferred language of Puerto Ricans is Spanish. English is taught tarting since elementary school, however only about 20% of locals speak English fluently.

In Vieques, many people from the USA mainland have made the island a home or a second home, they have built businesses, hotels, vacation rentals and restaurants, the locals serving visitors are bilingual so you’ll have no problems communicating in Vieques.

On the main island of Puerto Rico you will find that many residents and service providers in the metro and tourists areas of Puerto Rico speak English. The residents on the island are very friendly, those that don’t speak English very well will their best to help you in any way they can and make you feel welcomed.

It is very much appreciated by the residents when you make an effort to say “Hola” (hello) , “Buenos Dìas” (Good Morning). The best universal phrase you can say is a simple smile

Learn Spanish and Gain another world….

Spanish is not only a romantic language, it also opens doors to more opportunities.  Did you know that Spanish is the second most used language in the world second to Chinese.  Imagine having the chance to work and travel to 24 countries around the world in which the official language is Spanish.

In today’s economy and competitive job market being bilingual gives you an edge.  Below is a link to some great free Spanish lessons, take a few minutes and learn before getting here, you will feel even more at home during your stay.

Learning another language is sure to enhance social experiences in your travels.
Learn Spanish

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