Please take the time to Read this Page, it will answer most of the questions that may come up when planning a vacation to Vieques

This page includes TIPS and STEPS for planning a great vacation from booking your airline tickets to finding the perfect accommodation to rest after a fun day of exploring Vieques.

Step # 1 – Decide on your Vacation Dates

There are two seasons to consider when planning a vacation to Vieques; Travel Season and Hurricane Season

Accommodations and airfare are less during low season, so you will get more for your money by visiting Isla de Vieques during the months of mid April to mid December.

Weather – Vieques offers great temperatures all year round. Unfortunately, there’s hurricane and rain season. Some travelers take risks and go to Vieques anyway and they are fine. If you like to be on the safe side here is more detailed information on Vieques weather, rain and hurricane seasons.

Step # 3 – Check availability for hotels and vacation rentals

More demand than supply

Since the Navy left the island in 2003, major travel journalists and developers around the island have turned their attention to Vieques. Vieques attracts visitors due to it’s unspoiled yet chic personality of the island. There are just a few hotels in Vieques and various reputable vacation house rentals. Start looking for accommodations now and make inquiries about availability so you are not disappointed later by not getting the place you really wish.

Booking procedure in Vieques

All the managers and owners I know really work hard to provide timely service from the first contact you make with them. However, be aware that you may not always get a response from the hotel or vacation rental managers right away as we are accustomed with major chain hotels in other developed travel destinations.

Various hotels are closed for hurricane season. Many of the managers have to travel back and forth to the main island of Puerto Rico in order to get necessities for the hotel. Everything in Vieques takes longer to accomplish for managers of hotels, so please be patient. I can tell you they work really hard to make things perfect for you.

Step # 4 – Check availability for car rentals

It is imperative that you get a car rental in Vieques or you will not see the best that Vieques has to offer.

Most importantly: If you are planning your vacation on high season, please make your car rental reservation as soon as you make your hotel reservation. If your vacation is during a holiday (especially Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter), you MUST get a car as far in advance as possible.

No matter which accommodation or hotel in Vieques you choose, you WILL NEED a car rental in order to get around.

The public transportation (publicos) will only take you to the main towns and barrios of Isabel Segunda, and Esperanza. The only beaches where pùblicos will take you are Sun Bay and Esperanza. The very best beaches are on the south side of the island and you will need a 4 x 4 to get there. More about car rentals in Vieques Island.

Step #5 – Book your hotel or vacation house rental and secure your car rental

You narrowed down which hotel or vacation rental meets your vacation needs? If yes, Great!!! As I mentioned earlier, secure your accommodation and your car rental. Now we must get your airline tickets and find the best way for you to get to Vieques. Click here for Getting to Vieques Guide.

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