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Beaches - Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

The Beaches of Vieques will spoil you for life…  Dreamy, Serene, Romantic… Postcard Perfect

The beaches of Vieques are constantly praised and ranked among the best in the Caribbean.  You probably read this on many other destination travel guides, please give us a few minutes to tell you why the beaches in Vieques are so special.

Isla de Vieques, where you can experience beaches in the Caribbean with raw beauty, landscaped by nature alone, free of development.  Each beach is different, with sand ranging from pure white to sparkling soft black.  Isla de Vieques is the island where you hold hands with your loved one, look back to capture with your camera the only set of footprints on the beach… yours.

In Vieques you will find some of the most scenic, quiet, and secluded beaches on the Caribbean, don’t take our world for it, just ask someone who has been here.  Puerto Rico is a very popular destination in the Caribbean with hundreds of beaches and interesting attractions.  The beaches in Vieques are very different from the main island, they stand out for its unspoiled and tranquil feel, providing visitors the perfect recipe for relaxation and wonder. 

Your greatest task during your vacation in Vieques will be finding the time to explore all the beaches.  Vieques may be a small island, but it will take you a little over two weeks to explore and enjoy them all.  You may end joining thousands of visitors who end up coming to Vieques year after year.  

Following are some of the most popular beaches in Vieques.  See the map at the bottom of this page for locations.  We have only listed the most popular beaches, we are working on adding them all.  Bring your sense of adveture and discover them all.  

We’ll start with the beaches inside the Vieques National Wildlife Refuge on the southeast side of the island. 

Beaches at The Vieques National Wildlife Refuge

Caracas Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Playa Caracas / Red Beach - Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

+ More about Playa Caracas Beach

Playa Caracas is one of the favorites among locals and travelers for its family friendly facilities.  Playa Caracas is located on the southern shores of Vieques.  A few years ago, Caracas was shooting location for Victoria’s Secret Swim.  More about Playa Caracas – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Pata Prieta Beach – “Secret Beach” – Vieques, Puerto Rico


+ More about Pata Prieta Beach

A small beach with clear shallow water, a nice beach for beginner snorkelers.  More about Playa Prieta – Vieques, PR.

La Chiva Beach “Blue Beach” – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Blue Beach / Playa La Chiva - Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

+ More about La Chiva (Blue Beach)

Endless shades of blue water offering some of the best snorkeling on the island.  Playa La Chiva has ranked among the best beaches in the Caribbean various years on Trip Advisor’s Traveler’s Choice Awards. More about La Chiva Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Escondida Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Playa Escondida - Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

+ More about Playa Escondida

Perhaps the smallest beach in the world.  The perfect spot for a couple seeking to experience what it would be like having a beach created for two.  Don’t forget to bring your snorkel gear.   More about Escondida Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Playa La Plata – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Playa La Plata - Vieques, Puerto Rico / Caribbean

+ More about Playa La Plata

Plata translates to Silver; a perfect name for this beach with glistening bright white sand.  The crystal clear waters sparkle and the sand is super soft.  The ambiance is perfect for relaxation since not many visitors drive to the farthest east end of the island.  Each time we go, we share the beach with one of two couples, Playa Plata is one of the favorite beaches by honeymooners .   More  about Playa La Plata – Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Beaches on the Southwest Coast

Vieques, Puerto Rico

The following beaches offer dramatic landscapes, a stronger surf and loved by beachcombers. 

+ More about Playa Negrita Beach

Playa Negra (Negrita) is one of the most interesting places to visit in Vieques.  The adventure begings on a short lush trail leading to a breathtaking magazine worthy scene.   No need to travel far to Hawaii to see black sand, Vieques sports one of the most beautiful black sand beaches in the world.  More about Black Sand Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico.

Playa Grande Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Playa Grande - Vieques, Puerto Rico

+ More about Playa Grande Beach

Playa Grande is exatly as the name suggests…grand with a dramatic landscape.  Although not a good beach for bathing, it is a brethtaking sight and good starting point for a long walk al the way to Playa Negra (during low tide).  More about Playa Grande Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico.

We’ll continue with the beaches of Sun Bay, Esperanza, Media Luna & Navio along on the southern center of the island.   Sun Bay & Esperanza are the most accessible beaches on the island.  

Sun Bay Beach / Balneario Sombe – Vieques, Puerto Rico

Sun Bay Beach - Vieques island, Puerto Rico / Caribbean

+ More about Sun Bay Beach

Sun Bay Beach, one of the best balnearios in Puerto Rico, a favorite among local families and travelers alike for its facilities and easy access.   Sun Bay offers picnic tables, camp grounds and plenty of palm trees to hang a hammock.  More about Sun Bay Beach – Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

+ More about Esperanza Beach

Just another gorgeous beach in Vieques but the added charms of colorful fishermen boats, a historic pier attracting divers, snorkelers and local kids who love to plunge into the water.  Stay longer until sunset, it is the best spot to watch the daily display of colorful works of art in the sky.  More about Esperanza Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico.

+ More about Media Luna Beach

A perfectly half moon shaped beach, shallow water and absolutely perfect for small children.  More about Media Luna Beach – Vieques, Puerto Rico.

+ More about Navio Beach

If you like body surfing, bring your boogie boards for some fun on Navio’s waves.  The colors of the water are blue and intense against white sand.  Playa Navio is popular among photographers for its hidden caves.   More about Navio Beach – Vieques Island.

Beaches on the Northwest Coast

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Now we’ll head to the west coast of the island offering a long stretch of beach on a very lush green nature reserve. 

Punta Arenas Beach, Vieques Puerto Rico

Green Beach / Punta Arenas - Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

+ More about Punta Arenas Beach

Back during the Navy days, Punta Arenas was nicknamed “Green Beach” and very green it is…you’ll have to drive along a dirt trail with lush tropical flora growing wild and free.  Punta Areans offers excellent snorkeling with hidden historic treasures to explore.  A jeep is recommended to make the drive, get here early in the morning for the best conditions.  More about Playa Punta Arenas – Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

Beaches Along the North Coast

Vieques, Puerto Rico

Although not as popular as the beaches on the south side of the island, the north shores offer scenic and relaxing beach escapes.

+ More about Cofi Beach

Come find the perfect souvenier…where local artisands come to collect sea glass.  Oh yes… is a pretty amazing beach too.  More about Playa Cofi “Seaglass Beach” – Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

+ More about Mosquito Pier Beaches

The Mosquito Pier is a popular spot for divers located on the north east side of the island.  Near the pier there are a few small beaches not frequently visited but inviting and pretty indeed.  More about the Beaches at Mosquito Pier, Vieques, PR

If you read about the history of the island, many beaches are still off-limits to the public due to unexploded ordinance.  These areas are clearly marked don’t trespass into these off-limit areas by land or boat.  

Map of Beaches

Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Beach Map of Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Sun Bay Beach / Balneario Sombe, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.096826, -65.464525
Playa Negra / Black Sand Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.095873, -65.491154
Playa La Plata, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.117716, -65.376050
La Chiva Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.112959, -65.389445
Navio Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.092359, -65.444376
La Escondida Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.114968, -65.377182
Esperanza Beach / Playa Esperanza, Vieques, PR: 18.094419, -65.471864
Playa Grande Beach, Vieques, PR: 18.089891, -65.513020
Pata Prieta Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.111225, -65.400667
Media Luna Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.091278, -65.450363
Caracas Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.108390, -65.413070
Cofi “Seaglass” Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.145509, -65.453421
Punta Arenas Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.118832, -65.577178
Mosquito Pier Beaches, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.133454, -65.509758
El Gallito Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.141978, -65.474954
Airport Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.137614, -65.485940
Playuela Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.107248, -65.417275
La Chata Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.158167, -65.433476
Playa Bastimento - Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.158809, -65.424603
Playa Voltios - Vieques, Puerto Rico: 18.159024, -65.422833