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Pretty little beaches and a mile long walk over water…

Beach along Mosquito Pier - Vieques, Puerto Rico

The article below was written to describe the Mosquito Pier as it was for locals and visitors when it was open for use after the Navy left.   It was a wonderful place to walk, run, relax, fish, scuba dive and admire the coastline of the island.  The pier is planned to be the new home of the ferry terminal and not all locals are happy about it.  A fence was installed to keep locals from walking in but the beaches along the area are still open for your enjoyment. 

As you stand on the pier you’ll be swept away by sweeping views of undisturbed coastline and verdant flora.  You’ll feel fortunate to have found such a special place and even luckier that you’re one of the few to be there.  

When you visit Mosquito Pier it may seem like a cool place, but if you ask the majority of Viequenses they’ll say that the reasons for construction were not in the best interest of the residents or the island.  The US Navy began construction of Rompeolas in 1941, with the purpose of creating a sea wall that extended from Vieques to the town of Ceiba on the main island of Puerto Rico, where the Roosevelt Naval Base was located. The purpose was to build a massive base to house the US and British Fleet. The plans changed and Project Mosquito Pier was stopped in 1943 and never completed.  The future plans are to build a new ferry terminal to Ceiba, a shorter route as compared to the route from Isabel Segunda to Fajardo. 

As you drive into Mosquito Pier, to the right of the you’ll see Playa La Peña (aerial below).

Playa La Peña - Vieques, Puerto Rico

If you are driving into Mosquito Pier and take the dirt road to your left (west of the pier), you’ll be at Playa Blaydin, also called Mosquito Beach.  This is a kid-friendly since the water is not deep, is clear where the little ones can do a little snorkeling.  

Playa Blaydin - Vieques, Puerto Rico

Visit Mosquito Pier Beaches and enjoy snorkeling, diving, fishing or simply take in the wonderful sights. 

Scuba divers Exploring encounter schools of creole wrasse, angelfish, grunts, starfish and more.  If you were to walk along the pier, you can easily see spots full of starfish.  To protect our reefs and its delicate ecosystem, please refrain from touching or moving starfish, a few seconds out of the water can cause death.  Many locals and travelers tend to congregate at the pier to simply relax and enjoy conversation with friends. 

We hope your visit to Vieques gets you to stop, meditate and appreciate all the great things in your life.  Vieques has a way of teaching visitors to simplify life.

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Vieques, Puerto Rico

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Mosquito Pier Beaches, Vieques, Puerto Rico

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