Isla de Vieques attracts travelers seeking for a change of pace, nature lovers and romantics from all over the world. Once they spend time in Vieques they fall in love with the island for all the things that it lacks.

If you have not already read through our Travel Guide, we encourage you to do so. Most tourists that visit Vieques end up coming back because year after year, but the island is NOT for everyone.

In summary Vieques offers travelers:

  • Natural, secluded and romantic beaches
  • Bioluminescent Bay – One of the most romantic attractions and experiences in the world
  • Natural Adventure Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, bird watching, biking and hiking.
  • A few historical attractions
  • Great dining from all american burgers, to such bars, and of course the delicious traditional Puerto Rican food.

Vieques does not offer

  • Golf, marinas, fast food, chain restaurants, or casinos.
  • You can still enjoy these fun activities by going to Fajardo for a day or you can split your vacation by spending some days in Puerto Rico.

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