February Update

We thank every organization and individual for their support, hard work and donations to help our beloved island of Vieques recover from Hurricane Maria.  There is still much work to be done, but the island and its residents have made much progress.

  • The island has flourished quickly.   Vieques is green, trees are lush again.   The beaches are still gorgeous, the water is clear and the community has worked hard in the clean up of debri along the shores and more still to come.
  • The island has running water, electricity is being restored while many are still running generators.
  • Various small inns, almost all of the restaurants are open.
  • Various bioluminescent bay tours are running now.

November Update

In September 20th, the beloved Vieques endured the catastrophic Hurricane Maria, causing much devastation throughout the island.  Most residents are still without electricity or running water, many small businesses are unable to operate.  The community is working hard to recover, re-build and clean up in order to welcome visitors again.

The Vieques community appreciates all the prayers, help and support from individuals, private organizations and government agencies.

Tourism is the most important source of revenue for small businesses and residents on the island; the community is working together to make Vieques shine again as a top destination in the Caribbean.  Vieques is healing and becoming green again, the beaches will continue to be the best in the Caribbean and the bioluminescent bay will regain its magical glow.  The island, residents and businesses just need some time to recover.  We will be posting updates on tourism progress as we receive them.

Already booked your vacation?  Should you cancel your trip to Vieques, rebook for a later date?

We thank all in advance for the continued desire to support tourism in Vieques but at this time the community certainly does not wish for any visitor to have a less than desirable experience.  As Vieques continues to journey to recovery, we hope you support Vieques, Culebra and Puerto Rico by choosing to vacation in one of our wonderful tourist destinations.

If you have a booked vacation for November, we advise visitors to cancel the reservation and come back in a few months when electricity, water and businesses are operational.  Even in December, the island may not be ready to give visitors the best experience.  Please consider re-scheduling your vacation for a later time.  Help is needed in the community, visitors wishing to go to Vieques as a volunteer may connect with organizations on the island.  Call the hotel, airline company, car rental and any other travel services booked and request a cancellation.  Should you encounter any issues, please contact the Puerto Rico Tourism Company Hotline at 787-522-5960.

Keep Exploring Vieques, Puerto Rico