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Flying is the most convenient way of getting to Vieques.  Once you arrive to the San Juan Airport, you have four flying options to the airport in Vieques.  Once you get to Vieques, most likely you’ll only wish you had more time on the island.  If budget is not an issue, do yourself a favor and just book a flight from San Juan if you’re staying in the capital city or from the Ceiba airport if you’re staying in the east coast.  Avoid the ferry on weekends and holidays unless budget is an issue.  If you can only afford one way, fly to Vieques and take the ferry back to Fajardo.

Airport Codes

Flying Options to Vieques from Puerto Rico

Option #1 Fly from San Juan International Airport (SJU)

Flight to Vieques Island from San Juan International Airport - Puerto Rico

This is The Easiest, Quickest and most convenient way to travel to Vieques. All major airlines fly to the San Juan International Airport (SJU) and you can get a connecting flight straight into Vieques.

You can now book online for Vieques flights as well, this will save you much time planning time. Priceline.com

offers great rates, no booking fees and it will find you the most convenient time for a connecting flight to Vieques with Cape Air, a very reliable airline with great rates, new planes with air conditioning, great service and on time.

Duration of flight: 30 minutes

The cost is about $170 round trip p/p.

You may book your flights straight to Vieques in one click.

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Option #2 – Fly from Isla Grande Airport (SIG), San Juan, Puerto Rico

If you want to save some money on your flights, then flying from the Isla Grande airport may be a good choice for you.

Getting There: If you are arriving to the San Juan International Airport (SJU) you will need to take taxi to the Isla Grande airport. You can easily get a taxi at the airport (SJU) and the cost is about $20.

Duration of flight: about 20 minutes

The cost is about $110 round trip p/p.

Flights from Isla Grande must be booked with local airlines.

Option #3 – Fly from the new Ceiba Airport (RVR) (José Aponte de la Torre Airport)

You may want to fly from Ceiba if:

You’re planning on spending a day in Puerto Rico before getting to Vieques or vice verse. In this case it would make sense for you to rent a one way car rental and dropping it off at the airport or if you want to save even more money then take the ferry.

You can’t get on the ferry – During times when the ferry is not operational, plan B would be to take a flight from Ceiba.

You don’t want to take the ferry but want to save some money.

Duration of flight: 10 minutes

The Cost is proximately  $40 per person

Option #4 – Book an Air Charter – (VIP Service) Convenient for Groups, Business Trips and those tight on time

None of the flights times working for your travel needs? An Air Charter may be the best option for you. You may think that you can’t afford an Air Charter, but if you are traveling with a group that would fill every seat in the plane, you may find that the convenience is worth spending a few more dollars.  More about air charters.

Airlines flying to Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Cape Air Airlines

On-time whether it’s one person or a full plane. Air conditioned flights, new planes and great customer service. Easy booking online, just add your city of departure and Vieques as arrival and it will book the flights in one click through Priceline.com

Air Sunshine

  • 800-327-8900
  • Vieques – 787 741-7900
  • St. Croix – 340 778-8900
  • San Juan – 787 791-8900
  • BVI – 284 495-8900

Isla Nena Air Service

  • 1-888-263-6213
  • (787) 863-4447
  • (787) 741-1505

MN Aviation

  • Isla Grande – 787 722-0775
  • Vieques – 787 741-3911
  • SJU – 787 791-7008
  • Reservations 787 253-0866

Vieques Air Link

  • Vieques (787) 741-8331
  • San Juan (787) 722-3736
  • Toll free 1-888-901-9247
  • Fajardo (787) 863-3020

Map of Airports with Flights to & from Vieques

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Airports in Puerto Rico

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Vieques Airport: 18.134188, -65.496883
Ceiba Airport: 18.249568, -65.642967
San Juan International Airport: 18.437653, -66.011009
Isla Grande Airport - San Juan: 18.457465, -66.093063


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