Vieques is a beautiful island off the coast of Puerto Rico. In fact the only thing prettier than Vieques is a little reef off the coast. Allow me to introduce you to Cayo Blanco! You can see it as you go by in the ferry but that is not the way to see the beauty of Cayo Blanco. To really experience the beauty of Cayo Blanco, you want to sail out to it, put on a mask and snorkel, and get wet. Under the surface of the water lives a reef that is alive with coral, fish, crustaceans, and sights that you simply have to see to believe!


Why should you believe me? Because I show this beauty to people every day. I see it for myself and I see the reaction to those who experience this for the first time. They are left in awe. No matter how many times I go under the water there, I see it, too.

I am Capt. Judi, and I run daily sail and snorkel tours to Cayo Blanco. And yes, I do indeed have the best job in the world.

My trips start with a snappy little sail to this reef which is 2.5 miles off shore. Guests get to help put up the sails if they like, and all youngsters are invited to take the wheel with me close by. Once we get to Cayo Blanco, I explain what you will see, get you outfitted with gear and lead you off to see the underwater citizens of the reef. We routinely see large schools of blue tang, spotted eagle rays, turtles, cuttlefish, and schools of bait fish. It never gets old!


After our snorkel adventure, we have a gourmet meal on the boat and then sail some more. Our sail after snorkeling takes us over some of the reef we didn’t get to visit. The reef itself is large and we sail back over aqua and cobalt blue waters, able to see the reef below the boat. Consistent and prevailing easterly trade winds mean we always get the sails up.


Nothing is more exhilarating than cruising over those waters with nothing but the sound of the wind in the sails, the water under the bow, the clinking of ice in a pina colada, and the sound of laughter. My boat, aptly named The Winds of Freedom, provides a great setting for an adventure that will quickly grab the title of “best part of the vacation.”


This is why I have the best job in the world: I get to show people a beautiful reef, sail, snorkel, and meet some of the best people in the world. I get to show them my little corner of heaven, both under the water’s surface and while gliding over the top of it, under sail. I love sharing this spot with visitors to our island paradise. Nothing makes me happier than hearing them exclaim how amazed they are.

These pictures cannot possibly do justice to the experience of sailing and snorkeling on the north shore of Vieques, you really do have to come do it yourself to grasp how amazing it is. Come let me show you the beauty of sailing and the beauty of my little underwater paradise. You will not be disappointed!

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