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Vieques Puerto Rico

Names Used for Vieques

  • Isla de Vieques – Official Name
  • Bieke – Named by the Indians
  • Isla Nena – kindly called by residents which translates to little girl island
  • Vieques Island – English
  • Spanish Virgin Islands – Named commonly used by sailors to describe the sister islands of Vieques and Culebra.
  • Vieques – simply the short name

Where is Isla de Vieques?

Puerto Rico Islands Map

Vieques Island is located just a short 6 miles off the southeast coast of Puerto Rico, the Star of the Caribbean.   Puerto Rico also possesses several other offshore islandsIsla de CulebraIsla de MonaIsla DesecheoIsla de Vieques is the largest of all the Puerto Rico Islands.

Vieques Map

Basic Facts about the island

Map of Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

  • Zip Code: 00765
  • Currency: U.S.A. Dollar
  • Electric:  Current is 110 volts AC, same as the United States
  • Language:   Spanish & English are the official languages in Puerto Rico.  Spanish is preferred but many locals speak English as well. Vacation Rental owners and hotels all speak English.

Hon. Víctor Emeric (PPD)
Address: Calle Carlos Lebrun, #449
Vieques, PR 00765
Telephone:  (787) 741-5000  Fax (787) 741-0565

  • Newspaper of Isla de Vieques: Vieques Renace
  • Population:   About 10,000 – Residents are called Viequenses
  • Size of the Island: Vieques is about 21 miles wide (east to west) and 5 miles from north to south. Good things come in small packages.
  • Time:  AST (Atlantic Standard Time)
  • Topography: Vieques is made up of hills and valleys. The highest point on the island is Monte Pirata (Pirate’s Hill) which is 987 feet above sea level. The coastal areas consist of lagoons and mangrove swamps.

Emergency Services in Vieques

  • If you experience a real emergency please dial 911
  • Fire Department – (787) 741-2111
  • Police Department – (787) 741-2020
  • City Hall Office (787) 741-5000
  • If you experience any electricity problems during your stay, first call the property manager of your vacation rental or hotel or call AEE (787) 289-3434
  • The hospital number is (787) 741-3282

Puerto Rico  > Puerto Rico Islands  > Isla de Vieques  > About Vieques  >  Basic Facts 

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