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Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico... Once Again Voted as One of "Top Ten Islands in the Caribbean 2014"

Spanish – The Most Romantic Language

Learn Spanish, Gain Another World

The language most prevalent and of preference for Puerto Ricans and Viequenses (Vieques residents) is Spanish.

Interested in learning the romantic Spanish language?

Learn Spanish

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If you are considering to learn another language, let me tell you that learning another language is literally like gaining another world. It opens windows to endless opportunities for your business and it enhances social experiences in your travels.

If you are a traveler visiting Vieques and the main island of Puerto Rico you will find that many residents and service providers in the metro and tourists areas of Puerto Rico speak English. The residents that don’t speak English really make an effort to help you and satisfy your travel needs.

When you visit the town of Isabel Segunda and other small towns on the island where most of the Viequenses reside, you will find that most of the islanders speak Spanish and very little English. The residents on the island are very friendly and they will their best to help you in any way they can and make you feel welcomed.

It is very much appreciated by the residents when you make an effort to say “Hola” (hello) , “Buenos Dìas” (Good Morning).

The best universal phrase you can say is a simple smile

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