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Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico... Once Again Voted as One of "Top Ten Islands in the Caribbean 2014"

Weather in Vieques

Beautiful beaches, cool breezes, comfortable tropical warm whether all year round, great food, great people, what else do you need?

Weather in Vieques Island, Puerto Rico

Vieques is located just off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, so the climate is about the same in Vieques as on the main island.

The weather in Puerto Rico is the main reason why so many residents of the United States choose to spend the winter months on the island for long vacations or a quick unforgettable getaway from the cold winters.

Average weather temperatures in Vieques

The average temperature in Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico is around the 80’s all year round and the record low is 40 degrees F. On the interior / mountain side of the island the temperature drops a little in the evening but just by a difference of 3-5 degrees F. A cold front from the north called a norte only drops the temperature to the 60’s F.

So, whether you choose to stay at a nice mountain side inn, you will have very comfortable tropical whether. Even on a hot day in the summer months, it won’t feel sticky hot since there is a constant breeze that will cool you off.

Rainy Months in Vieques

The months of May, October and November are usually the months with more rain, however they are usually showers that last a few hours or less and you can still get to the beach. Some showers last a few minutes.

Here is a good Old wife’s tale: If you happen to be in Puerto Rico during the FIRST rain in May, get out and get soaked. When I was little this was a very fun day, we used to ride our bikes under the rain and the older ladies would fill buckets with the rain and wash their faces with the water or even shower with it. WHY? Supposedly the first water in May keeps you look younger :)

Hurricane Season Vieques

Officially the hurricane season in Vieques and Puerto Rico begins on June 10th and officially ends on November 30th. However, most the hurricanes come around from August to November.

We get asked if tourists should risk going to Vieques on hurricane season, I say you are basically taking a gamble. A lot of travelers have gone to Vieques and Puerto Rico have been lucky with no problems during hurricane season, I know of some that have been stuck inside the hotel room and were not able to go out on the island or leave when the scheduled to depart.

The last major hurricane was Hurricane George on September of 1998 and it caused around 2 million dollars in damages. Statistically major hurricanes hit the island on an average of 3.85 years.

Some accommodations in Vieques will close during the months of September and some part of the month of October. Use your judgment and be prepared just in case.

One great question to ask the management of the Vieques hotel or vacation rentals is whether they have a water reservoir and back up electricity generator for emergencies. If you happen to be on the island during a hurricane you will be glad you asked these questions before booking.